Lake Tahoe Engagement Session

These two lovebirds first met in middle school.  Their last names both started with the letter ‘I’ so they were often seated next to each other in class.  Christofer always tried to talk to Lauren, but she was shy and wouldn’t talk to him much.  Luckily, through a little thing called Facebook, Christofer and Lauren reconnected while in college.  After meeting for coffee, the rest as they say, is history!  Looking forward to photographing Christofer and Lauren again at their wedding in January!


We hit the ground running taking pictures along the shores of Lake Tahoe…

I learned rather quickly that Christofer can make Lauren laugh in a matter of seconds…

….but they have a romantic side too!

We found this neat tree to take pictures under as the light streamed through…

And this one is my favorite of the day.  I love the light and the feel of it!

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