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Brandon and Christina were married at Saint Francis of Assisi and celebrated with their friends and family at Garwoods in Lake Tahoe.  Brandon grew up in Lake Tahoe, so getting married there was the perfect location for them to say their vows.  Saint Francis of Assisi is a gorgeous church overlooking Lake Tahoe, so it is easy to see why they chose to get married there.  We took just a few quick shots when I arrived of some details prior to the wedding ceremony . . .

Brandon and Christina’s wedding at Saint Francis of Assisi was pretty great.  The mass had great message while still being lighthearted.  I love this photo of Brandon seeing Christina walk down the aisle with a squeeze from his Best Man . . .

These two couldn’t keep their eyes off each other during the ceremony!

Their faces say it all.  They were pretty excited to be married!

Between the ceremony at Saint Francis of Assisi and reception at Garwoods we took a few portraits of the Brandon and Christina together.  The plan was to take some pictures out on the lake in a boat.  But first, we took a few along the dock overlooking Lake Tahoe . . .

I really loved the pops of color throughout the marina, so we took a few there as well . . .


Then it was time to take pictures on the boat while out on Lake Tahoe.  It proved to be really hard to take pictures on a boat between it rocking from the waves and only being able to stand in one spot.  All while the boat would drift different directions from the waves completely changing the direction of the light.  I LOVED it though.  I hope to have another bride and groom that want to take pictures out on a boat again!

After portraits, it was time for Brandon and Christina to have some fun at their reception at Garwoods . . .

Congratulations Brandon and Christina!


Ceremony Venue:  Saint Francis of Assisi
Reception Venue:  Garwoods Lake Tahoe
Flowers:  Leah Dalby
Videography:  Sky Rondenet
Photography:  Kendall Price
Hair:  Alyssa Haag
Makeup:  McKenzie Morrison
DJ:  Dennis Alexander

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