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I really LOVED photographing this new little girl when she was just a week old.  Not only is she precious, but she is the baby you dream of.  Sweet, easy-going, and carefree.  Mix that with her two-year old brother who has the best ringlets I’ve ever seen and you have some pretty fantastic photos.  Thanks Brody and Ais for having me come out.  I’m bringing dinner over soon!


We started the session off with a few pictures of her awake because she wasn’t asleep yet when I arrived….

After being held by her favorite person, she started to drift to sleep…

Tiny in her dad’s arms!


I found the most beautiful light and focused on that rather than a bunch of props…

This little guy came home from preschool and melted my heart.  Those ringlets!!!


This series made me smile as she was stretching in her sleep…


My favorite photo from the day…


And we’ll end the post with some pretty cute baby feet!

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