Reno Baby and Family Photographer

Hard to believe this guys is 5 months old!  I feel like I was just taking engagement portraits and photographing Patrick and Ashley’s wedding!  Crazy how time flies.  I just love getting to catch up with my clients who have been with me for years.  We took pictures last month in the studio for something a little different since it was cold outside.  Believe it or not, this little guy may just be the most serious baby I have ever photographed.  He just took everything in and didn’t miss a beat.  However, when he smiled…he just lit up the room!  He has such a great smile…you’ll see.  We all made a fool of ourselves getting him to laugh!  As always, I think my favorite photographs are the ones that show a relationship between people.  A bond, a mother’s love, a proud daddy.  These are the images that are most important to me.  Thanks you guys-can’t wait to see you again for the next session in just a few short months!

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