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What a wonderful experience I had taking newborn portraits of this little man.  I know that Les and Brittany feel so totally blessed that they have this little guy, but I have to say that he hit the jackpot as well.  I’m not sure I’ve ever photographed a newborn and saw the parents more excited and in love with a baby as Les and Brittany were.  It was wonderful to watch and document.  They would even laugh when this little guy got them wet AND dirty while holding him for portraits without a diaper on.  😉  That’s love!

Thanks so much for welcoming me into your home and having me document this new and exciting chapter in your lives.  I loved every second of it!


The session started off with awake pictures since this little guys refused to sleep for us.  He was so incredibly alert for just a week old, I couldn’t believe it!

He must have thought it was funny that we wanted him to sleep…

Too often, parents aren’t really excited about taking pictures with their newborn.  They’re tired and just don’t feel like being in front of the camera.  These however, are always some of my favorite images…

After two hours, this little guy finally gave up and slept for us to get some pictures where we could really prop him…

Don’t you just love it when babies smile in their sleep?

This image is a good one to leave you with.  My favorite from the session.  I just love how little a newborn baby is in his Daddy’s arms.

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