Sand Harbor Engagement Session | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography

This Sand Harbor engagement session at Lake Tahoe started out the same as many photography sessions I photograph.  John and Raiza immediately told me how they are awkward, didn’t know what to do, and that they had never taken professional pictures together before.  About 5 seconds into taking pictures, I found that was completely untrue!  It could have been the funny looking rain boots I was wearing.  They are a good ice-breaker because I sort of look like a clown and it gives me the opportunity to stand in the middle of the water to take pictures at fun angles.  I don’t think all three of us stopped laughing the entire hour and a half we took pictures.  This combined with that fact that the water level was SO LOW made for some fantastic pictures.  The water level being low totally changed the look of Sand Harbor and gave me the opportunity to get some great reflections!  Enjoy!

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