Bridal Session | Sand Mountain Nevada

I published these photos on facebook awhile back, but since my blog was still on hiatus at that time, I decided to revisit this session on the blog because I really do love it.  🙂  I try to do creative sessions once a month, but that doesn’t always happen because I get so busy and they take a lot of time and effort to put together.  For this particular photo shoot, the amazingly talented  Holly Fleur designed the bouquet and Corey Rowe of The Decorated Bride did the hair and make-up.  HUGE thanks to both of them-Reno is lucky to have such talented wedding specialists!

For the concept of this shoot, I knew I wanted to take pictures in a rustic, rural location to really contrast Krisstin in her wedding dress.  I immediately thought of Sand Mountain because I don’t know that anyone has ever gone out there for pictures and I wanted to do something a little different.   I ended up getting different props that I thought might be fun like a top hat and sunglasses to play around with as well.  Everything looked like it was going to work out perfectly, even the weather looked like it was going to cooperate with us.  Well, that didn’t happen!  The day of the session the winds picked up and we really didn’t have an option to reschedule since my model had taken the day off for pictures, I had an assistant that was involved in the shoot as well, plus Corey and Holly were playing a part in the shoot.  I didn’t freak out, it was just a little breezy when we left Reno and headed east.

We get out near Fallon and the winds picked up to 70 MPH!  It was so windy that I literally had to brace myself so I would not fall over while taking pictures.  Poor Krisstin did such a great job out in the wind and was such a good sport for taking pictures.  By the time we got out to Sand Mountain, I had Krisstin mostly wear the sunglasses that I had purchased just to protect her from getting sand in her eyes.  It was that bad.  After the shoot was over and I got home, I cleaned sand out of my camera bag, camera, and lenses for over an hour just to give you an idea of how horrible it was!  I was SO disappointed on how things had turned out.  Here we had spent so much time and effort into this session all to be ruined by the wind.  However, when I looked at the images on my computer, I actually loved many of them.  So here you go, the session I like to call ‘The Windy Session.”


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