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I used to have a blog when I lived in Texas.  I did a pretty good job at keeping up with it, always posting weddings I had just photographed or sharing a funny story that had happened on a photoshoot.  Well…that was a few years ago!  When I moved back to Reno in 2009, I was so overwhelmned with moving, starting my business in a new area, and adding a Facebook page that my blog soon got neglected.  I ended up deleting the blog from the internet and thought I would just use Facebook instead to keep in touch with all you fine folks!  I’m probably the only photographer in the entire world who hasn’t had a blog in the last couple years!  The one thing missing for me on only using Facebook were the stories behind the pictures.  Well, after a two year break the blog is back!  I hope you come and visit this page often as I look forward to publishing all the latest happenings at Kendall Price Photography including the images from latest photoshoots and weddings.  So, I start you off with Bryce and Shauna’s wedding at Arrowcreek Country Club here in Reno.  Hope you enjoy it and come back often to check out the latest, greatest stuff!

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