Political Campaign Photography

Initially, when I started school at the Art Institute I thought I would do commercial work possibly in the editorial field upon my graduation.  My husband had a different idea in mind, suggesting I should be a sports photographer.  I think he thought he could go to all types of games with me and get a press pass!  As it turned out, I loved almost every type of photography class I took which is one reason why I decided to photograph weddings.  I loved that I could be a photojournalist in capturing the candid moments, a fashion photographer in the way I take portraits of the bride, or an editorial photographer in my appraoch to photographing details.  One type of photography I never studied was how to photograph a candidate in a political campaign.  This is something that I never saw myself photographing, but as it turns out I really enjoy.  This set of pictures was photographed as Oscar Delgado filed to be a candidate for Reno City Council in the coming election.  I look forward to taking more pictures during this election season!



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