Sonoma Wedding Photography | Viansa Winery

I feel as though I need to start this post with an apology for what I’m about to say!  I love photographing at Lake Tahoe.  It is gorgeous and I feel so lucky to live 30 minutes away and photograph couples who flock here from all over the world to get married.  However…it was really nice to get away from photographing at crowded beaches and in a sea of evergreen trees to photograph in a different type of location.  I was really excited to photograph Evan and Nikki’s wedding this past week at Viansa Winery in Sonoma.  What a beautiful place to get married.  It sat perched on the top of a hillside overlooking the entire valley.  The venue was so different than what I’m used to photographing at that I felt that I was more creative.  I got to work with a barrel room, vineyards, ivy walls, the list could go on.  This is why I enjoy destination weddings so much.  I LOVED  every single second of it.  We really ended up with some great photographs, especially because they elected to have their ceremony later in the day which enabled us to take photographs in the evening when the light is best.  I just love it when things would out like that I’m not out taking portraits at noon when the light is horrible!

I had a hard time narrowing things down, but my favorites are below.  (And sorry for all the kissing shots-what can I say I could have posted pictures that show more variety but they are my favorite!)  Congratulations to Evan and Nikki!  Your wedding was beautiful and I hope these photographs take you back when things start to get a little fuzzy in the future.  🙂

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