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I photograph A LOT of newborn babies.  My favorite way to photograph them is to have a parent hold the baby in their arms to show how little they really are.  This gives a since of scale and these are always my favorite photographs when I look back on a newborn session.

Something I’ve seen a couple of times in the last week that is trending is photographers taking pictures of their own babies in their camera bag.  Again, I love the sense of scale these photographs show.  Hard to believe a newborn baby is hardly bigger than a camera lens!  I’ve photographed babies in baseball gloves, on guitars, and in fireman boots to name a few.  What is unique about your job, your passion, or your life that you could incorporate while taking a few snapshots of your own baby?  What would you like to incorporate in a newborn session?  Let’s get creative!!!

Click here to see some of the photos of babies photographed in camera bags.




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