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When I first started photographing weddings 9 years ago, there were a couple trends that you don’t see anymore.  It was popular to make images over saturated with color in an unnatural way.  It was also common to tilt your camera and take a picture where the horizon line would be at an angle.  I hate to admit it, but I did both of these trends the same way I see many new photographers tryout whatever is ‘in’ at the time.  Luckily, I became a photographer after the popularity of making a photograph black and white and then bringing back touches of color into it.  Do you know the photograph’s I’m talking about straight out of the 90’s?  Think Kim Anderson.

Along the way, I realized that these trends in photography can really date your pictures.  You won’t see any images I take that look desaturated or like they have filters on them.  This popular look is similar  to what you see on Instagram right now with all kinds of filters.  Instead, I think it is important to make pictures and process them in a way that is natural and classic.  Timeless photographs will never go out of style!  The photograph below was taken a number of years ago but you wouldn’t know by looking at it!

Here are some of the latest trends in wedding photography right now via The Knot.  I think it is a good list that shows some trends going on without dating your images.  You’ve probably seen a lot of them on wedding photography blogs!

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